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Field Force
Tracking Solution

PrimeroIN is a Spanish word, which means “First in data wisdom”. It's a SaaS-based application which captures live data of field force activities as per User's Schedules, Expenses Claimed, Instant Order Bookings, Payments Processing, along with pointers to Track field force on real time. The system is enabled with multiple validation features like Live Imaging, Accurate Location and Field Notes. It’s completely a hosted solution where no hardware is required.
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The only app you will need


All data and information are secure and hack proof


Increases Operational Efficiency of the users


Improves the satisfaction of the users


Enhances the Experience of the customers

Real-time Statistics

Real-time Statistics along with accurate information

Why PrimeroIN ?

PrimeorIN is compatible working in offline mode. It gives the overview of live analytic data with the key point indicators, which helps the management to take intelligent actions.

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PrimeroIN Features



Users can well plan their visits and log their field activities information with the notes and live imaging feature in the system. Improvement in productivity starts with accurate recording of all activities data from start day to end day


Users can upload their digital copy of expense documents with the image proof for approvals. So by adapting this go digital form improves the loyalty of the employees and enhance the performance. Reimburse employees directly to their bank accounts.
  •  Record expenses with proof and GPS
  •  Save courier expenses
  •  Quick approvals


In this feature users will be able book orders in real time and payment processing. Real time updates about what is selling on the field helps the companies to better plan and maintain product inventory, pricing and delivery on time.


System enables the users to add new customers to the database with the accurate time sheet information entry. This will help employees to well plan the tasks in terms of follow ups at the right time.